frequently asked questions

What is a IP Stresser or Booter?
IP Stresser or Booter is a tool that allows you to simulate high traffic or a bot attack on a website or server and identify problems in DDoS Protection or performance issues. An IP Stresser is a tool designed to test a network or server for robustness. The administrator may run a stress test in order to determine whether the existing resources (bandwidth, CPU, etc.) are sufficient to handle additional load.
How long does it take to activate my membership?
Normally within 20 minutes. Our Booter Panel & IP Stresser offers automatically membership activation which means once your payment got at least 1 blockchain confirmation your membership would be activated automatically.
Can I share my account with someone else?
Based on IP Stresser terms and conditions, you can not share your account, share your API or sell your account to anyone else. If the system detects such an account, it will auto-ban the account and you will lose access to your membership.
Is the free stresser working?
Exactly! We provide the best free stresser on the market, but you will have limited access to the power and the methods.
What payment methods do we accept?
At the moment we accept only crypto currencies with our automatic payment system such as: Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC). Other crypto currencies such as Ethereum and USDT and etc can be accepted manually via our Support tickets system or Telegram.
Can I buy membership with only Layer 4 or Layer 7 Methods?
Yes you can! DarkVR stresser have unique system that allow you to choose custom membership that include only layer-4 methods or only layer-7 methods which will reduce the price of your plan!
Do you keep logs?
Security and privacy is the most important thing, therefore we use asymmetric encryption to encrypt every important piece of information that need to be exchanged between you and us. All logs getting deleted automatically every few hours, sensentive user logs are stored encrypted(until it get automatically deleted after few hours) using your unique account public key and then it get decrypted with your private key (frontend-client side) which means no one can see the data that exchanged between you and us, only you.
Do you have API?
Yes we do! check our membership plans page for more information about API access.
Do you provide discounts for large customers?
Of course, we do. Contact us for a Custom solution.
Can I upgrade my plan?
Yes you can do it automatically via our upgrade plan system, just go to the membership plans page and our system will show you plans with reduced price1 Also you can contact us and we can do it for you.
What is the Guaranteed Power?
Giving specific numbers is very hard as they depend on many factors, such as where it was tested and the network status at that moment, among others. We also don't want to do false advertising and giving exaggerated or misleading numbers (as many do). That said, we guarantee a minimum of 250k+ pps per concurrent for Layer 4 (the Gbps will depend on the method) and minimum 350rqps of valid, full HTTP requests(usually much more at around 1750-5500 rqps) which produce high load on webserver with low request count, unlike "Socket HTTP Flood" method advertised by majority of other stressers, Socket Flood is a method that is very easy to filter (and it uses many rqps for each IP!) and its requests are extremely lightweight and don't produce decent load on a server making it great for showing 50000 rqps on dstat but weak/ineffective against actual targets. The Power for each concurrent is dedicated (for example, 5 concurrents deliver 5 times more pps/rqps than 1).
What is Slots / Concurrents?
When you launch attack it equal to 1 concurrent/slot, so if you want to launch 5 attacks from your account you would need a plan that has 5 concurrents/slots. The Power for each concurrent/slot is dedicated (for example, 5 concurrents deliver 5 times more pps/rqps than 1). More Concurrents/Slots = More Power.
Why Stresser?
First, We do not use/resell API's like some of our competitors, We have our own dedicated servers and we guarantee strong attack methods that include customizable features. You can even choose custom membership that include only layer-4 methods or only layer-7 methods which will reduce the price!